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Guide to Solve the Issue of Yahoo Mail Not Working on Chrome/Computer

Yahoo mail is one of the best email services you could possibly ask for. But sometimes, you may encounter a few issues with Yahoo mail. If you are getting the error on your Yahoo mail, when you try to access it through Chrome, then you need to take a few troubleshooting steps to resolve the issues.

Clear the cache — First, you should open the settings of Chrome and clear the cache and cookies from the browser. It will allow the browser to begin from the start, and those cookies and other things will not interfere. If you are not able to send any yahoo emails, then this will come in handy.

Update the browser — Well, updating the browser will ensure that it has all the latest perks to properly open the Yahoo account. So, go to Chrome settings and check for updates in the about option.

Enable JavaScript — Enable the JavaScript on the browser to allow to use all the resources. Some features on yahoo will need JavaScript to run.

Disable the Extensions — If you are not receiving email on your Yahoo account, then browser extensions could be part of the problem. So, go to Extensions settings and deactivate all of them for the time being.

These should resolve your issues with the Chrome browser, but if you are using Outlook to access Yahoo mail, you can use a few things on your computer. If Yahoo mail not working in Outlook, you could deactivate antivirus, Firewall, and antispyware from the computer to give uninterrupted internet access to Outlook.

I am John Smith as a Technical blogger. I am working with Ityug247 IT company that provides the best technical solution and guidance.

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