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How To Recover Deleted Facebook Page?

Recover Deleted Facebook Page

Well, if your Facebook page was deleted by mistake or by the Facebook team, you still have a chance of recovering it. If you’ve deleted the Facebook page by yourself, then you are allowed to restore it within 14 days. Facebook does not provide an option to delete the page, and it only offers the option to unpublish the page.

Once you are through with the unpublish process, it will wait for another 14 days to start the deletion process.

If that is not the case with you and your page was deleted by a rogue admin, Facebook team, or hackers. Then you are left with no choice but to contact the Facebook team and inform them about the situation.

This can happen to anyone who is running a business through a Facebook page. And here are the steps you can take to contact the Facebook team.

Recover Deleted Facebook Page

To recover the deleted Facebook page, use the steps listed here.

  • Open the web browser, enter in the URL bar, and hit enter.
  • Now, login to your Facebook account and go to the help section.
  • Then, search for ‘Report an issue with Facebook Pages’ on it.
  • Now, open that page to send a report to the Facebook team.
  • Provide the URL of the deleted Facebook page and a detailed description of the issue as well.
  • You can also choose to include some screenshots as well for the issue or something.
  • Then, click on the Send button to complete the process of sending a report to the Facebook team.

Now, they will decide whether your reason is genuine or not, and only then will they restore the page.

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