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How To Stop YouTube From Pausing On TV?

YouTube keeps stopping

People all over the globe love to access YouTube because of the services that it offers. High-quality streaming options along with tons of movies, video songs, and even podcasts to listen to which makes it a great fit in terms of a streaming platform.

Apart from being a great overall platform for people of all age groups, many users use this platform for learning purposes as well. Although, sometimes the platform YouTube keeps pausing videos which annoy the users. This YouTube keeps stopping issue can be easily solved by the use of an extension.

There are many extensions available online that help the user in bypassing the continue watching message that comes on repeatedly on the screen. The downside of these extensions is that they are not quite reliable and they fail in fixing this problem.

Users have expressed their disappointment over the fact that even after using a proper extension, YouTube still stops the videos which further infuriates the user. Unlike the no audio issue on the YouTube app, this problem can be better dealt with, with the help of professionals.

For any further assistance, you can contact the help and support team. They can better direct you to solve this extremely annoying YouTube error.

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